[CT Birds] Golden Plover, Bonaparte's Gull Milford Point

Stephen Spector charsjs at sbcglobal.net
Mon Sep 7 14:43:54 EDT 2015

>From Steve & Charla Spector, 9/7/15, Milford Point, main sandbar, with Jim Cortina and Dan from New Hampshire, around 11:30 AM, American Golden Plover foraging on south side of sandbar with some Black-bellied Plovers.  The AMGP was noticeably smaller overall, with a smaller, finer bill than the BBPLs.  Had a  striking white supercilium and forehead, dark cap.  Also, dark splotches below including the vent/undertail covert area.  Also present, in the midst of 300 Laughing Gulls, at least one Bonaparte's Gull. charsjs at sbcglobal.net

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