[CT Birds] Massive migration coming

Scott Kruitbosch skruitbosch at rtpi.org
Thu Sep 10 00:06:09 EDT 2015

We all know how unseasonably hot it has been for well over a month now, 
making for precious few opportunities to fly south in the southerly 
flow. That ends for us come Friday in all regards. Depending on how fast 
this front goes through tomorrow and tomorrow night we will have a great 
day for raptor migration on probably Friday, with good clouds, and 
likely Saturday, with decent clouds. Passerines should be on the move 
with heavy migration Friday night, with the slight chance of it 
beginning tomorrow night if the front moves quickly. There is extremely 
heavy migration occurring right now over the Midwest.

I know I intend to do my best to be at the Boothe Park hawk watch 
(https://www.hawkcount.org/siteinfo.php?rsite=703), and I hope some of 
you join the few regulars. We/I will post anything significant or rare.

We should clear another front through early next week and have a helpful 
high in place for Tuesday and/or Wednesday, right around the Broad-wing 
peak dates. The precise wind speed and exact orientation of the high 
will end up deciding which of our sites win, but I feel some good 
victories coming up. Enjoy it everyone!


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