[CT Birds] Bluff Point and Hammo

Chris Elphick elphick at sbcglobal.net
Sat Sep 12 21:41:20 EDT 2015

Four of us were at the hot corner at Bluff Point for daybreak this morning.  The winds were not as cooperative as it looked like they were going to be, and the numbers were low.  But, the fog kept the birds down - most came through the trees and stayed for a while before flying out - affording great views and meaning that an usually large proportion could actually be identified.  

Overall we had ~150 warblers of 12 species, including at least 48 American redstarts, 5 chestnut-sided, 3 yellow, 1 hooded, 2 blackpoll, 1 bay-breasted, 8 b-t greens, 5 b-t blues, 1 prairie, 1 worm-eating, 2 ovenbirds, and 1 black-and-white.  In addition: 1 common nighthawk, 1 peregrine, 6 flickers, 8 wood-pewees, 1 great crested fly, 1 yellow-bellied fly, 3 empid sp. (2 of which also looked like good candidates for y-b), 17 red-eyed, 2 yellow-throated, 2 white-eyed, and 2 Philadelphia vireos (stunning views), 8 veery (probably more), 2 Swainson's thrushes, 6 rose-breasted grosbeaks, 14 scarlet tanagers, bobolink (1 seen, others heard in the fog), 5 Baltimore orioles, plus the usual mix of residents.  As usual, my summary probably misses a few things seen by others.

Later in the day, Steve Morytko and I stopped in at Hammonasset and had a pectoral sand in the rain puddles by the west end parking lot and a single pipit flyover. Chris Elphick @ssts 
Storrs, CT 
elphick at sbcglobal.net

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