[CT Birds] Question about bird houses over the winter

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There is a school of thought that the best thing to do is to put up specifically designed roost boxes for the winter.  Their design is a bit different, including the need to accommodate many individuals and provide protection from the cold.  Google provided many potentially useful links, a couple of which were:



Roy Harvey
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I leave mine up over the winter.  Birds do roost in them.  I have a nest
box in the vegetable garden and a Downy has used it all winter for several

Kathy Van Der Aue
Southport, Connecticut
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> Every year in the late fall I take down all my bird houses, empty and scrub
> them, and store them in the basement.  Thought this is what you're supposed
> to do.
> Last year, in early December, a male Carolina Wren appeared, and stayed,
> calling a lot.  A few days later his calling paid off, and a female joined
> him.  I enjoyed their antics tremendously and kept them supplied with
> sunflower seed and various suets.  They seemed fine for several months.
> But then, after one of the fierce February storms, I found the male dead on
> top of the snow. I was heartbroken.  Subsequently I heard from birders that
> the Carolinas need shelter to survive New England winters.  Even such
> things as a cloth closepin bag could keep them alive.
> So -- what is the expert advice?  Don't take down the birdhouses?  Hang up
> something else just for the winter? What, and where?
> Thanks,
> Katherine Kuckens

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