[CT Birds] Many Birds moving within my yard today.

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 17 17:33:50 EDT 2015

Between 3;30 to 5:00 here in my yard, (I am at 1,000 feet)  I had lots of warblers moving south through the trees. Most were at 5:00, but I had to leave for an appointment! I noticed them while watering the yard flowers and garden. I didn't keep a tally, but would say in one and a half hrs I probably had over 150 plus passing through my yard, most in the tree tops. As I was watering, a beautiful Parula male with still bright plumage, flew into my spray for a shower. That was so neat! Species I noticed with only 15 mins of bins were:Blk t Green Warblers - they seemed to be all over. Also noticed they were very quiet. Maybe from searching and eating?-Parula-Bluewing - 1-Chestnut sided - 2Yellow rumped - manyMagnolia - 5 or soNashville - 1Black & White - 5Blacburnian - 1Tennessee - 1 early?Redstart - many-and Im sure I missed many others as well. 
Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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