[CT Birds] Stratford Point birds/weather

Scott Kruitbosch skruitbosch at rtpi.org
Sat Sep 19 19:20:46 EDT 2015

Today was the quietest day of the week at Stratford Point, lacking any 
offshore feeding of terns or gulls in any number, and thus no jaegers. I 
didn't see the Harlequin Duck (nor the whale) but the site was very busy 
with fishing and boating and random visitors which often keeps birds 
more out of sight. I would think he's around somewhere given all of his 

You can see a short video of him doing just that here: 
And a couple photos here: http://rtpi.org/harlequin-duck/

While we're at it, here are a couple of the Yellow-billed Cuckoo from 
the other day: http://rtpi.org/yellow-billed-cuckoo-coccyzus-americanus/

That and other passerine migrants may have stuck around through the week 
once migration conditions dropped off thanks to the degrading high 
moving east and a daily hot sea breeze. Tomorrow should be interesting 
as the cold front comes through early morning. It may drag many raptors 
with it immediately and throughout the day then really move a lot of 
passerines for Monday morning.


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