[CT Birds] Quaker Ridge 9/20: 2, 864 raptors inc. 2, 681 Broad-Wings

Ryan Maclean ryanmac335 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 21:00:03 EDT 2015

Had a very productive day at Quaker Ridge with our highest daily Broad-Wing
count of the season so far plus good numbers of Sharp-Shins, Ospreys,
Eagles, Kestrels and Merlins. Try as we might we couldn't turn any Turkey
Vultures into Zone-Tails though (big congrats to Lighthouse!!). Tomorrow is
also setting up to be a potentially great day for hawkwatching throughout
the state since the winds will stay out of the north but lighten a bit.

September 20 2015:
Osprey: 29
Bald Eagle: 10
Northern Harrier: 4
Sharp-Shinned Hawk: 97
Cooper's Hawk: 9
Broad-Winged Hawk: 2,681
American Kestrel: 21
Merlin: 7
Unidentified: 6
TOTAL: 2,864

Very much thanks to the 40+ people who came and helped out at the watch
today. Hope to see alot of you out here tomorrow!

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