[CT Birds] On the road for a few days

Jerilyn Duefrene kaymad143 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 09:34:05 EDT 2015

Good morning!

I had the ususal birds at the feeder yesterday morning, including that
juvenile RTH and he is getting pretty plump! I am guessing he will not be
there when I get home.

Right this moment I am in Las Vegas. My sister is moving back to CT and I
could not be happier! We are driving back starting tomorrow and I am hoping
to see some "new" birds while on the road. Today I will be visiting the
Henderson Bird View Preserve and then we head to Tucson, and then to San
Antonio, New Orleans, Gatlinburg, TN and then I have to stop at Hershey,
PA! :-)

At any rate, I do hope to see some new birds and new scenes - I have never
been to San Antonio, New Orleans or Gatlinburg. :-)

Hope you all have a great weekend there in CT! I will be back around
October 2nd.

Jeri Duefrene

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