[CT Birds] Chestnut Hill Hawk Watch, Litchfieldm CT - 26 Sept (Saturday)

John D Babington davewb07 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Sep 26 17:19:21 EDT 2015

 An interesting day (Sept 26, Saturday) at the Chestnut Hill Hawk Watch in Litchfield, CT. A golden eagle on set wings went fast past the hawk watch. One (David Babington) of the two observers just saw a large dark buteo going away from the watch. The other observer (Ayreslea Denny) saw the bird a bit longer and was convinced it was an adult golden eagle.  About 2:30 PM a large group of broad-winged hawks (670 counted) went over the hawk watch on set wings. The days tally was:
Osprey - 1Sharp-shinned hawks - 4Cooper's hawk - 1Broad-winged hawks - 695Golden eagle - 1Unidentified raptor - 1
David W BabingtonWashington, CT

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