[CT Birds] Lighthouse Point Park: 166 Hawks (at least!)

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sat Sep 26 19:00:15 EDT 2015

Full report on HMANA's HawkCount.  Most hawks were very high up, on steady NE winds, bright skies and 90% clouds.  58 Sharpies; Coops (14) are starting to move.  There was a healthy flight of 49 (almost all, extremely high) Osprey heading SW.  A few more Osprey, Bald Eagles, Red-shoulders and Red Tails were not tallied on the official count - I just couldn't determine if they were moving.  Not a single BW.  As for those other buteos, we get locals.  And who knows about all those Bald Eagles.  Most behave appropriately, but some linger to the east or worse, head straight NW towards the Q Marsh (ie, State Street in Hamden).  

Like yesterday, several Palm Warblers honored our site with a visit.  Others included Oriole (sp) 1, Warbler (sp) 3; Am Pipit 3; House Finch 55; Unid Finch 30; Am Goldfinch 25; Bobolink 30; Cedar Waxwing 45; Am Robin 3; Can Goose 66; Brant 20; DC Cormorant 46; Tree Swallow 1000+; RT Hummingbird 2; Laughing Gull 6; RB Gull 5; Herring Gull 30; also in the Park RC Kinglet, RS Towhee; 8 Ea Phoebe.
Thanks to Bobbie Fisher, Jim Cortina, Howie Sternberg, Sol Satin, and others, for the much needed help.
'No thanks to Sandy, the hawk-watch dog.  

Steve MayoBethany

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