[CT Birds] Poached - a new film about birds, obsession and egg-collecting

Julian Hough jrhough1 at snet.net
Sun Sep 27 22:25:31 EDT 2015

I hope this is not off-topic for the forum, but CT birders may be interested
in the following film about birds and conservation that needs support from
the community.

The following email from the director, Tim Wheeler:

"Hello Julian,
As you know, I recently directed a film called Poached which is being
championed by birders around the US and Europe and we are coming to NYC to
play our Oscar-qualifying run at the Village East Cinema from October 9 -

The film will be especially fun to share with you since your friends Guy
Shorrock and Mark Thomas at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
are prominently featured.

Poached exposes an obsession that can wipe out a species of birds:  illegal
egg collecting.  You can view the Poached trailer here:  poachedmovie.com
The film recently premiered to great acclaim at the prestigious SXSW film
festival, won top prizes at the International Wildlife Film Festival and the
Matsula Nature Festival, and is a finalist in the upcoming Jackson Hole
Wildlife Film Festival.

Since we are an independent film and do not have the marketing budget of
studio, we rely on the base support of enthusiastic birders and partnerships
with organizations to spread the word.  The key to our success has been the
support of Audubon chapters, professors, environmental leaders, college
birding groups, etc."

Timothy Wheeler is a Los Angeles based director, producer, and
EMMY-nominated cinematographer. Wheeler's feature documentary The Other
Shore:  The Diana Nyad Story can be seen on SHOWTIME and has been featured
on Ellen, Oprah's Super Soul Sunday, Good Morning America, and in The New
Yorker.  Timothy received a primetime EMMY nomination for Outstanding
Cinematography for his work on the Discovery series Whale Wars and has
produced content for PBS, AL Jazeera, The New York Times, and VICE. Timothy
is also an adjunct professor at Chapman University's Dodge College of Film.

Julian Hough
CT, 06519
jrhough1 at snet.net

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