[CT Birds] Pitch Pines - Matianuck Sand Dunes in Windsor

Steve Morytko smorytko at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 30 10:39:25 EDT 2015

I'm on the same DEEP action item list as Kathy ...

Perhaps Hartford area birders are already familiar with possibilities at this site. I wondered if anyone ever checks this site for crossbills in the winter in good irruption years (this might be one per the Winter Finch Forecast)? Apparently it's a 250 acre area with some mature pitch pine forest which I understand crossbills might be attracted to if there is a decent cone crop. With the loss of the diseased black pines at Hammo perhaps we can identify other public access areas where they may show up. This area is also part of a huge block of "green" that could be a spring migrant trap immediately north of the city of Hartford (see Google Maps).

The link below gets you to the management plan and a description of the unique habitat found there. As far as I can tell the plan calls for enhancing the unique habitats but do read it yourself.


Apparently it's a pretty unique place. A search on "Matianuck Sand Dunes Natural Area Preserve" brings up some interesting articles about the place too including one by Peter Marteka.

 Steve Morytko Ashford, CT

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