[CT Birds] Stratford Point Kingbirds and weather

Scott Kruitbosch skruitbosch at rtpi.org
Wed Sep 30 14:11:32 EDT 2015

I really think Patrick's bird was a Clay-colored Sparrow, and while 
unsuccessfully looking for it for a few minutes I came up with not one 
but two EASTERN KINGBIRDS feeding now that the rain has stopped and the 
cool air is filtering in. I'll post some shots of them later once I go 
through my photos tonight. A Common Loon flew down now that the good 
flow is in place, and perhaps other birds will take advantage of the 
winds in the next day or two around additional rain.

It's a busy place here, and it looks to get busier. Joaquin is parked 
and strengthening, and when it turns towards us it may be able to thread 
the needle between an east coast low and an Atlantic high, steering 
right into the Mid-Atlantic on a similar sort of track to Sandy. That's 
very speculative, and there is a lot of model spread for a tropical 
cyclone that has already defied predictions. However, it seems like we 
stand at least a possible chance of moving the northeast quadrant - the 
area with the most wind and birds - towards us in Connecticut as it 
comes up. As always, to get a powerful hurricane or tropical storm here 
it needs to move north fast once it starts, and this also plays a role 
in bringing rare birds up with it. We'll see...


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