[CT Birds] Gallinule rehabilitators lined up is anyone is game

MKCommunications at comcast.net MKCommunications at comcast.net
Thu Oct 1 14:58:19 EDT 2015

Regarding the possible capture and rehabilitation of the gallinule, I made about ten calls to rehabilitators today, as well as the DEEP. 

I’ve not heard back from everyone, but two folks are very interested in working with the bird, getting it to a vet, and even finding a placement for it if it cannot be returned to the wild. 

One is Kasha Breau, who is affiliated the CT Audubon in Glastonbury. She can be reached at 860.983.6065. 

The other is Sunny Bettley, who can be reached at 860.364.0520 x106. She is affiliated with CT Audubon in Sharon. 

Sunny is very eager to work with the bird. She is willing to drive a ways and is very willing to discuss a capture plan with anyone interested in capturing the bird, prior to any attempt made. She is open to receiving any video on the bird that might shed light on the condition of the wing. She also sees a future for the bird, if not releasable, as a placement bird. And with storms on their way and the temperature dropping, she thinks a capture now is better than later. 

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