[CT Birds] The gallinule dilemma

Christopher Loscalzo closcalz at optonline.net
Fri Oct 2 21:18:36 EDT 2015

I've read the posts about what to do about the apparently injured Purple
Gallinule with interest and I have a few thoughts I'd like to share with


First of all, I am heartened by the number of people who have expressed real
concern for the welfare of this bird.  Perhaps there is hope for this planet
after all. 

Second, I believe that we have to be very careful before we embark on an
effort to capture the bird.  In medicine, we take an oath to "first do no
harm."  This applies here.  I can easily imagine that it would be more
difficult to catch this bird than one might anticipate, and the bird could
be seriously injured in the attempt to capture it.  

Third, we should acknowledge that we do not know the extent of its injury
nor its ability to heal on its own.  For all we know, it may have the
ability for long distance flight now or will soon. 


I suggest we leave it be for now. If it's still in the pond in a month or
so, when the food source is diminishing and the pond may be soon to freeze
over, we can revisit the issue and consider soliciting the aid of someone
experienced in capturing waterfowl to safely collect the bird and bring it
to a rehabilitator.  Realistically, though, it may not be able to be healed
and returned to the wild under that circumstance.


Thank you to all those who have weighed in on this complicated issue.  I
hope it motivates all of us, and those we come in contact with, to take
better care of our planet and all of the wild things that inhabit it. 


Chris Loscalzo, 


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