[CT Birds] migrant mimicking

Brian Williams brianw15th2v at att.net
Sat Oct 3 00:06:27 EDT 2015

Two years ago I caught the chickadees red-handed in the midst of 'sam peabody' mimicry.  Then last summer there actually were a small number of in-the-flesh 'peabodys' taking advantage of the mild summer and cold August nights to remain local.  Well this year the mimicry has surfaced roughly monthly in a new venue - over offerings of pine nuts.  Although I cannot actually see the source for the cover of ash leaves it was the one who waits, unseen, for the opportunity of a small handful of pine nuts tossed atop the feeder.Now the pine cones are dropping and recently I have found high numbers of chickadees both nearby and about the pine barrens and the robins are around once more following the break of summer's heat.  The nyjer has even seen action this week in another first for my feeders. So with many developments of late I'm expecting still more late-season rather than the early-arrival migrants for the now.  
Brian Williams   Griswold 

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