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Preston Lust prestonlust at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 3 09:38:40 EDT 2015

10/3/15, 8:30–9:00 AM -- Backyard, Westport

After the rain died down a bit, large numbers of birds and warblers were out gleaning. In just a couple of minutes, I was able to pick out 1 BLUE-HEADED VIREO, 1 RED-EYED VIREO, 3 GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLETS, many of which were singing, and 2 RUBY-CROWNED KINGLETS. There were many warblers today. If I could estimate how many individuals were present, I would say around 30, a couple of which were flying over the house in small flocks. Most of them were high up in the trees, and left after around five minutes of gleaning. Of these warblers, there was 1 BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER, 2 AMERICAN REDSTARTS, 1 NORTHERN PARULA, 3 MAGNOLIA WARBLERS, 1 PALM WARBLER (yellow subspecies) constantly bobbing its tail, 5 PINE WARBLERS, and 7 BLACK-THROATED GREEN WARBLERS. BTGW was the most common warbler, and there were many males in breeding plumage that afforded fabulous views. Many warblers, such as the flyovers, remain unidentified.

Preston Lust, Westport

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