[CT Birds] Stratford Point

Jory Teltser aliencricket21 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 10:02:17 EDT 2015

10/3/15-Stratford-Stratford Point
Brutal conditions at the point today, but definitely worth it.  The
CLAY-COLORED SPARROW continues with Chipping Sparrows and my FOS DARK-EYED
JUNCO on the left side of the driveway coming in, halfway up. Many birds
coming off the water, mostly concentrated along the driveway: Multiple
Northern Parulas, Black-throated Green Warblers (beautiful looks of a pair
at eye level), Redstarts, a Black-and-White, Palm, and a possible TENNESSEE
WARBLER, but we only got poor and distant looks of it flying away.  Other
than a flyover Semipalmated Sandpiper, there was not much on the water.
Laughing Gulls were present fighting unsuccessful the extreme winds and
rain, but in low numbers.  Most birds are hunkered down, and are difficult
to see once they fly into tall grass or a tree.

2 SOOTY TERNS yesterday and today at Cape May, NJ (NOT Stratford Point!).

Even though the Hurricane will not directly affect us, there are strong
weather systems occurring in the North East, and birds will (hopefully) be
showing up.

With Aidan Kiley

Jory Teltser

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