[CT Birds] Hartford Audubon monthly meeting Tuesday, Oct. 13 - The Puffin Project

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Tue Oct 6 17:33:15 EDT 2015

Please come and join the October meeting of the Hartford Audubon Society which features author Derrick Jackson. Note that Derrick will have copies of his book for sale and also photographs. The location of the meeting is at St. James's Episcopal Church, 1018 Farmington Ave, West Hartford, in the back left side of the church. The entrance is off the parking area. Refreshments are served at 7:00 PM.
 Tuesday, October 13, 2015  - 7:30 pm - Speaker: Derrick Jackson
 The Puffin Project
  Derrick Jackson is co-author of The Puffin Project: the Impossible Quest to Bring a Beloved Seabird Back to Egg Rock published by Yale University Press 2015. Project Puffin is the inspiring story of how a beloved seabird was restored to long-abandoned nesting colonies off the Maine coast. As a young ornithology instructor at the Hog Island Audubon Camp, Dr. Stephen W. Kress learned that puffins had nested on nearby islands until extirpated by hunters in the late 1800s. To right this environmental wrong,he resolved to bring puffins back to one such island—Eastern Egg Rock. Yet bringing the plan to reality meant convincing skeptics, finding resources, and inventing 
 restoration methods at a time when many believed in “letting nature take its course.” Today, Project Puffin has restored more than 1,000 puffin pairs to three Maine islands. But even more exciting, techniques developed during the project have helped to restore rare and endangered seabirds worldwide. Further, reestablished puffins now 
 serve as a window into the effects of global warming. The success of Dr. Kress’s project offers hope that people can restore lost wildlife populations and the habitats that support them. The need for such inspiration has never been greater. Derrick will have photographs to sell that will support youth outreach programs and Hog  Island’s Educator Week. He will also have copies of the book to sell and sign.
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