[CT Birds] Pipeline through the WH Reservoir Public Forum

zellene zellene at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 8 08:06:04 EDT 2015

I attended the meeting last night in W Hartford. I remain extremely concerned about what this project will mean to our water supply and to the birding habitat that will be destroyed. Kinder Morgan plans to cut a 90 foot swath through the Reservoirs both north and south of Rt. 44. The pipeline cuts through all of CT on a diagonal line. This meeting addressed only the Reservoir sections.

The auditorium was full. Not one person in the audience spoke in favor of this. I spoke about birding habitat for species such as the blue-winged warbler. They responded with the usual boilerplate about following the MBTA etc. Supposedly they believe if they do not do anything during breeding season, everything is okay. When the birds return their habitat will be gone. They say they plan to restore habitat, but I do not see any way to recreate the unique habitat already there. They talk a good game but all in generalities.

They claim that access to the Metacomet trail would not be closed, then later said that during construction access may be limited. Access to the Talcott Mt trails would be highly impacted.

The main concern, though, is that would go through Class 1 protected watershed. Several audience members provided information on the safety record of Kinder Morgan. It was shocking....so many spills and some explosions along their pipelines! The FERC government agency gives final approval and does consider public input. Comment period ends in one week. PLease write to the FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) and voice your opinion.  I am on my way out but will provide the contact info later, or you can google FERC.


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