[CT Birds] Fw: [NOSbird] Western Kingbird??

Chris Elphick elphick at sbcglobal.net
Fri Oct 9 09:32:18 EDT 2015

This morning I searched the UConn Lot W area for the possible western kingbird reported on the NOS list last night (see below) from dawn until I had to head to my office.  No luck, I'm afraid, but others might want to try - the pond area is the best bet, but there's lots of field edges.  Note that rarer large, yellow-bellied, flycatchers have not been ruled out.
I did have Nashville and western palm warblers; blackpoll was also seen.  Plus kestrel, a couple of Cooper's hawks, and both Lincoln's and white-crowned sparrows during the past few days.

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 This flycatcher needs to be verified.  Bird seen in tree about 20 ft. above ground level at a distance of 100 yards.  Seen this evening at 5:15 PM on the southern edge of the pond at UConn's Lot W.  Unfortunately bird did not vocalize and I could only visualize the ventral throat, neck, breast, belly, under tail coverts, and tail.  I could not see any definite white sides on the tail.  The lateral edge of the tail looked somewhat paler than the black tail but not white.  I know that these feathers often loose their distinctive white edges during this season.  

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