[CT Birds] Mondo ponds

Bev bpropen at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 17:03:47 EDT 2015

10/11 Milford. Mondo ponds
Main pond- 1 female ruddy duck still present at 4:55pm - alone in pond by school entrance. Perfect description in Peterson p. 78-79. 
Had the brown line/smudge on light cheek - tail sticking  straight up-grayish with white cheek - was swimming & actively diving. 1canada goose,
13 mallards in main pond. 
Secondary pond were about 
22 mallards & 26 Widgeons-
2males with gold/buff foreheads.  
Also robins, red bellied woodpecker & catbird. 
1 large turtle on rocks. 
Bev Propen , Orange 

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