[CT Birds] Yesterday's IBA Meeting with DEEP

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Wed Oct 14 17:41:55 EDT 2015

Here here!  Wonderful news and great job!

Jan Hollerbach

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> I thought the meeting went well.  Rob Klee (Commissioner), Susan Whalen
> (Deputy Commissioner for Environmental Protection), Rick Jacobsen (Director
> of the Wildlife Division) and staff from Hammonasset were in attendance
> along with various representatives from the birding community.
> DEEP is still enthusiastic about the opening of communications with the
> birding community and Susan Whalen plans to task someone to monitor CTBirds
> for issues involving the parks.  We discussed educational signage for the
> new nature center at Hammonasset, even some to put up in the near future
> showing renderings of the finished project to try and let the public know
> what all the mess will become in the end. The project is ahead of schedule
> and may even be finished in April, depending on the winter weather. They
> know they need to revisit the Silver Sands improvements, do more studies
> and so forth.  Susan Whalen said "the plans are on paper still and we have
> time to revise them."
> As to the overuse of the park, the party with DJ last week was a fundraiser
> for the YMCA.  Loud music is NOT allowed and they are asking us to help
> them by reporting perceived infractions to one of the numbers found on this
> link (depending on what it is):
> http://www.ct.gov/deep/cwp/view.asp?a=2690&q=322416&deepNav_GID=1511  "If
> you see something, say something."  All permits are reviewed and signed off
> on by the Wildlife Division as well as others.
> It seems the fighting kite people somehow got in again and left kite
> strings all over the marsh.  They did not apply for a permit and went to a
> far end of the park where patrols didn't see them.  They are very eager for
> people to report anything untoward as they will prosecute (especially these
> kite people, I gather).
> I remain optimistic about the fresh transparency we have been trying to
> foster.  Despite the fact that we are relatively few and park goers are
> many, the DEEP officials seem to know that we speak for the wildlife, a
> portion of their mandate that cannot speak for themselves, and they appear
> to welcome this input.
> Kathy Van Der Aue
> Southport, Connecticut
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