[CT Birds] Pilot Program Aims to Save Jamaica Bay’s Shrinking Marshes - The New York Times

Arthur Shippee ashippee at snet.net
Fri Oct 16 20:31:59 EDT 2015

Mostly about wave attenuators and oysters.  Jamaica Bay marshes reduced by 95%.

Check out full story on the site, please.

Pilot Program Aims to Save Jamaica Bay’s Shrinking Marshes

At first glance, the five rectilinear islands that bob off the south shore of Jamaica Bay look like an art installation cooked up in a studio in Williamsburg or Bushwick.

But the structures, which resemble giant planters and are filled with smooth cordgrass, have an ecological purpose. They are helping to protect a quarter-mile ribbon of marshland that hugs the shore in the Rockaways by slowing the onslaught of waves, which are small but relentless.

“Think of it as death by a thousand pin pricks,” said John K. McLaughlin, the director of the Office of Ecological Services for New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection. “It’s the everyday waves that are constantly hitting the marsh.”

The floating wetlands are officially called wave attenuators, and they are merely the latest in a series of projects undertaken by the city, state and federal governments to restore the bay to its pristine, fertile former self.....

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