[CT Birds] Allen's Meadows- Vespers

Joe Bear joebear.gator at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 11:12:45 EDT 2015

A 1 hour walk at Allen's Meadow in Wilton this morning- a lot of birds similar to what we had at yesterday's COA Sparrow workshop, but today there were 6 Vespers. 4 were feeding along the main gravel path running along the south side of the community gardens, while 2 were in the same spot as yesterday which is the mowed path at the NW corner of the gardens that leads into the woods. Allen's has to be one of the most reliable spits in the state for finding Vespers in mid-Oct; I'll never forget several years ago Luke Tiller and I had 15 one day. 
The many Palms from yesterday cleared out last night. 
Joe Bear

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