[CT Birds] grackles plus other sp. of a minor plague

Brian Williams brianw15th2v at att.net
Sun Oct 25 03:36:40 EDT 2015

Upwards of two thousand blackbirds were raising the roof today about the harvested crop fields.  Red-wingeds, rusty, and starlings were seen and heard by the tens mixing with the common grackles.  Blue jays were screeching about the borders of the flock as the blackbirds moved west before returning eastward about 15:30.  Besides seeing numerous juveniles there were a handful of grackles that appeared crow-sized and simply towered above their mates.  Gazing through the lens I caught the colored eyes looking back so despite the obstructed view confirmed no crows were here today.  The grackles extended beyond a quarter-mile through the treeline and the prize meal hands down today was caterpillars.
Brian Williams

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