[CT Birds] CACC

Beverly Propen bpropen at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 13:36:27 EDT 2015

​10/28  Milford, Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center,  10am-1PM,
overcast/raining, 54F windy.
High tide rising,-highest tide I have witnessed there .  When I left ,
water was about 8' from the building, covering the bird feeder poles.
On marsh: 42 D.C. Cormorants flew over in formation,  Brant far out, 17
Black ducks,  and 31 Canada geese flew over.  1 Northern harrier didn't
even have to flap her wings because of the wind-she just extended wings and
hovered over marsh.
By feeders and grounds- blue Jays, 3 Mourning doves, Yellow rumps, 23 House
sparrows, 3 Cardinals, 2 male House finches, 1 Song sparrow, 1 White
throated sparrow.
Bev Propen, Orange

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