[CT Birds] Need advice woodpecker problem

Susan Edwards susanburtedwards at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 10:13:19 EST 2015

A Downy Woodpecker is persistently pecking holes in cedar siding of my
house in Rowayton. First happened last year in fall.  I put moth balls in
hole and stuffed streaming black plastic strip from it.  (Meant to look
like snake.)  Seem to work.  Eventually took down streamer.  Woodpecker
came back.  I reinserted streamer.  Pecking stopped but temporary.  Came
back again this fall.  Undaunted, he is pecking hole about 4 feet above
original hole which still has black plastic streaming from it.

Any recommendations besides shooting the bird appreciated.  Woodpecker may
not be getting a headache, but I am.  Thank you.

Susan Edwards
susanburtedwards at gmail.com

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