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I think the product you are referring to is Tanglefoot -- it is an extremely sticky product like a glueboard against birids.  If the bird gets its feathers into it, will prevent the bird from flying and will ultimately kill it, whether from its being caught by a cat, starving or freezing from lack of feathers.  Also, the product is toxic to birds so that if it tries to preen the product off, it will be poisoned.  In either case, it's a terrible way to die.  You probably wouldn't be able to get the product off the house easily either. 

I have Downies and Hairies here yearround and occasionally have a problem with their pecking clapboard.  I might suggest mylar balloons or ribbon streamers hanging over the area it is pecking (say by tacking it to a windowsill above).  I have also used a nerf gun to shoot toward (but not at) the bird.
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 Have the same problem here in Woodbury. Pretty common actually. Reflective tape and big balloon with eyes works for awhile (available through Amazon), but they get used to it. I even placed a mounted screech owl in the window, but they got used to that too.  Utilities have to wrap poles with wire in some places. They used to make a "hot foot" potion but I think it's been outlawed. Shooting, of course, would be illegal.  I might try some kind of fish netting. I suspect the drumming resonance of loose clapboard is at fault, unless there are ants in your wall.  Good luck. 

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