[CT Birds] Window decals do help avoid collisions

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I have used yellow flagging scotch taped to a set of 4 sliding glass doors in the winter months as junco's, white-throated sparrows and other small birds have crashed into them. It certainly works, and I don't mind what it looks like for the winter as it is the back of the house.....but I may try these decals first.

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According to my schedule of every 6 months, I have replaced numerous decals
(Window Alert) on my large kitchen window and living room window.  So at
the end of October I replaced these again .  I have observed these bird
life savers at work.  A few days ago,  a mourning dove was flying straight
towards my kitchen window and veered away sharply as it got close.
Just 2 minutes ago a good size hawk (I think my Coopers) was heading
straight for my kitchen window and right before hitting it, it veered up
and went over the roof.  I am convinced that these decals have saved the
lives of several birds in my yard.
My kids make fun of me, with all the decals that are on my windows, but I
would rather have the decals, than injured or dead birds on my deck.
Bev Propen, Orange
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