[CT Birds] Lighthouse Point Park - GOLDEN EAGLE

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sat Nov 7 18:14:28 EST 2015

Juv (white base of retrices and flight feathers, ponderously flap-flap gliding E to W over the Oaks) GGOLDEN EAGLE and a male N Harrier were the highlights of the 25+ raptor day (awaiting some additional coverage minutes).  

Well, usually the early bird gets the worm.  But there were still plenty of "avian annelids" to be seen later in the am.  'Strolled in at 7:10 am (40 minutes post-sunrise) thinking what a shame to miss the morning flight. But they just kept coming and coming, well into the 9 am hour.  Sheets of Robins at high altitudes and at a pace of 100 per minute.  

My pitiful underestimate:  C Loon 3; Can Goose 111; Dc Corm 3; Downy Woodpecker 4; WB Nuthatch 3; RB Woodpecker 4; No Flicker 3; Am Pipit 11; BH Vireo 1; YR Warbler 12; Ho Finch 670; Am Goldfinch 200+, Purple Finch 4; Blue Jay 140+; Ea Bluebird 10-40 (who knows on these ventriloquil guys?); Am Robin 11800; RW Blackbird 1700; Com Grackle 2980; BH Cowbird 1100 (including a stunning Leucistic Snow Buntingesque individual).
The search for swallows to the south and east, was unsuccessful.  

1 Sulfur, 1 Monarch Butterfly.  

Steve MayoBethany

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