[CT Birds] Franklin's Gull records

julian hough jrhough1 at snet.net
Tue Nov 10 13:25:01 EST 2015

With the recent storm and south-westerly airflow, Franklin's Gull had been mentioned on the list as a bird to look for, so congrats to Nick on a great find of an incredibly rare bird in CT..surprising that they are so rare here given that they seem to turn up in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts with some regularity.Although I have been checking flocks specifically for Franklin's for the past two weeks, it shows that you still need to put in time and be sharp to find one in amongst the huge numbers of Laughing Gulls that are around right now. Kudos to Nick, who I am sure was looking specifically for that species too, which makes it all that more rewarding.
I just returned from Texas, where Franklin's are moving in huge numbers right now, e.g., 3000-5000 birds were passing through South Padre Island at the weekend. With the southwest airflow in the preceding ten days during their southwards migration, there may be other individuals around, so checking any congregations of Laughing Gulls along the coast may yield some good fortune.
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