[CT Birds] Fox Sparrow Migration

Janis LaPointe sunbirdjan at cox.net
Wed Nov 11 17:08:50 EST 2015

This has been an unprecedented year for Fox Sparrows in my Enfield yard.
Yesterday 2 Fox Sparrows continued all day.    This morning two were there
again.      This is the 12th day, these birds have visited Jan's Brush-line
Café, an eatery that is restocked several times a day with their favorite
seeds.     The single bird two day ago was the most skittish, remaining
inside the bush.  It did not like being around the other birds and would fly
off.    White-throated Sparrows, Juncos, Song Sparrows and sometimes
Red-winged Blackbirds, House Sparrows and squirrels are eating this seed.
The two birds yesterday and today were bold and energetic, jumping,
scratching and kicking up leaves.    It's been a pleasure to observe these
birds for so long.
Janis LaPointe

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