[CT Birds] Franklin's Gulls, Rarity Roundup, etc

Nick Bonomo nbonomo at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 06:35:43 EST 2015

Well yesterday was a pretty amazing day if you were lucky enough to
get out and search for Franklin's Gulls. Chasing was not necessary, as
the birds were all over the place, from as far east as Stonington
Point to as far west as Stamford at least (though undoubtedly all the
way to the NY border). The overall movement was *westward*, with birds
often just briefly stopping along beaches and in coves to rest before
continuing their journey. Several dozen were seen overall. I had a
conservative 22 between Bridgeport and Milford/West Haven, and that
was almost entirely watching and photographing birds on or along the
shore...who knows how many passed by offshore while we were focused on
the resting birds!!

Just a reminder that before yesterday there were only FIVE individual
Franklin's Gull recorded in the history of Connecticut birding. In
order to get a full handle on how many birds were involved, please
make sure you end up reporting all of them somewhere, and note their
age if you are able to. Whether it be eBird, the listserv, and/or the
ARCC, please report with as much detail as you can to help document
this incredible event.

Otherwise, we know to expect Cave Swallows today. If you are out
birding over the next few days and have had your fix of Franklin's and
Caves, it would be worth scouring the state for other rarities. While
CT does not do an organized "Rarity Roundup" event, we can do our best
with a disorganized effort, if looking for rare birds is something you
enjoy. This super strong low pressure system will likely have other
goodies associated with it, so keep an open eye and open mind. On a
cold and blustery day like today, if looking for passerines, try to
find sunny and sheltered areas which birds should favor.

Good luck to all.

Nick Bonomo
Wallingford, CT

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