[CT Birds] Ash-throated Flycatcher Location at Sherwood Island State Park

Tina and Peter Green petermgreen at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 25 11:50:30 EST 2015

Directions to the ATFL:
Immediately after passing through the "gatehouses" at the entrance,there is a small parking area for about 5 cars on your right. Park here if there is space,otherwise you will have to park at the west end of the model airplane field or in the main pavilion lot and walk back to the entrance. Go up the hill from the gatehouses and head to your right. You will see a large green metal "box". Walk slightly left and stay on the largest path that heads due west (somewhat left).Keep the row of cedars on your right. You will see a frisbee golf cage(metal gray object with chains hanging from the top and about 4 feet tall) about 50 yards in front of you. You know you are in the right spot when you see the feeders to your left. Stand at the "golf cage" and stay there and wait for the bird if it's not already there. The cork tree(the tall tree north of the "golf cage" with dark berries at the top) is where the flycatcher generally feeds on berries or insects and returns to that general area within about a 50 yard radius. It often calls so familiarize yourself with the call and listen while you're looking. The bird is more active when it's sunny and warm. Be patient and good luck if you come. I will be checking first thing tomorrow and possibly Friday and I will post the status on CTBirds.
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