[CT Birds] ET: Happy Thanksgiving from down south

jonah cohen mrsciencetheater3000 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 12:14:33 EST 2015

Greetings, ctbird-ites. I wanted to wish you all a happy turkey day. It's
been 6 months since I moved south, but I am thankful for all the news and
helpful advice I got from everyone over the years. And I still lurk to see
what's up back in New England.

And since I ought to say something avian related... The McWane Science
Center where I now work, teamed up with Birmingham Audubon to put a roost
for migrating chimney swifts on our roof, with great success. Migration
sked is different, but the bird life here in Alabama is not super duper
different from Connecticut. Other than the obvious (I'm not expecting any
snow bunting on the Christmas count), there are a lot fewer red-tailed
hawks and robins here, but more mockingbirds, towhees and red-headed
woodpeckers. Since arriving in AL, I've added some nice birds to ye olde
life list: Mississippi kite, scissor tailed flycatcher, white-eyed vireo,
prothonotary warbler, and last weekend a whooping crane. No swainson's
warbler or red cockaded woodpecker yet. Haven't been to the gulf coast yet,
it's 4 hours from Birmingham.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and good birding to you.

Jonah Cohen
Vestavia Hills AL
mrsciencetheater3000 at gmail.com

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