[CT Birds] Pilgrims - pheasants?

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Pheasant?  Perhaps this previously unknown North American race was brought here by the Asians that "discovered" North America long before the Pilgrims, or Columbus, or even the Norse arrived?  (Of course, I am kidding here).  I think they meant it was a heath hen calling in the woods. I would expect better of National Geographic if this, indeed, is what was broadcast.

Jay Kaplan

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Ever wonder why the pilgrims at Plymouth didn't serve pheasant at their thanksgiving?  When they first went ashore, one was calling in the woods, according to National Geographic's television special this past week.  So I can only presume they had eaten them all by then, extirpating the North American race in 1620.  There was also an owl calling one night, but I could not identify it, certainly not the usual great horned found around the world on film.
Angela Dimmitt
New Milford

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