[CT Birds] Pink-footed Goose continues, Avon

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Tue Dec 1 11:03:20 EST 2015

Passing this along.

>From SH Johnston:
12/01/2015 -- Avon, Fisher Meadows - The PINK-FOOTED GOOSE continues its association with the large flock of Canada Geese that has been growing in the area. The flock was moving about quite a bit when I was in the area between 9:30-10:30 am today. I spotted the PF Goose where previously described in the NW corner of the pond at Fisher Meadows, just moments before the whole flock lifted off and headed west. I headed that way too and reached the cornfield on the north side of Thompson Brook Road (next to the elementary school) just before they set down. The PF was among the first waves of geese to arrive, and the whitish areas in wings and tail, and its bright pink feet, were easy field marks as a number of birds set down facing away from my vantage point. As hundreds more geese arrived and settled in, I lost the smaller goose amongst the tall black necks. Also at Fisher Meadows: A group of elegant Common Mergansers; a chattering Belted Kingfisher with prey; and a juvenile Great Blue Heron, the latter hunkered down and looking cold. (Word to the wise: Fisher  Meadow is a designated dog park. Check your boots before climbing back in your car.)

Also this morning, in Farmington Meadows, Meadow Road - 1 PEREGRINE FALCON chasing the local feral Rock Doves.

Regarding the Peregrines reported recently in Meriden: Last winter (2014-2015) a pair (M-F) of Peregrines was resident in downtown New Britain. I observed them week after week; they formed regular habits and adopted favorite perches around town, including the South Church spire and the antennae on the new police station. I saw them there several weeks ago, then they disappeared. I would not be surprised if the Meriden pair are the same birds, and I've always assumed these are the birds that breed in Newington; it's all in the same neighborhood, as the falcon flies.

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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