[CT Birds] Sandhill Cranes over Bloomfield

Katherine Kuckens katkuckens at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 07:06:45 EST 2015

Yesterday morning around 7:45 while driving north on Bloomfield Rd in West
Hartford, I saw a flock of about 25 very large birds flying from the north
west to the east/southeast. Just above the highest treetops, they crossed
Cottage Grove (218). The birds were very large, with long legs streaming
out behind, long necks straight out front, not bent in like a great blue
heron. Their heads were large and they had  long thin beaks.  Their wings
were very large and showed splayed out feathers at the tips as they
flapped.  For comparison they were much large than turkey vultures or
Canada geese.

The first group was soon followed by a second group of about 15, flying
lower and more slowly, in the same direction.
Next came five birds flying in the opposite direction, towards yet another
large group, which they practically collided with as they flew through them
and continued back north.  One more group of about 20 was seen as I crossed
Blue Hills Avenue, heading south/southeast like the others.

Kat Kuckens

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