[CT Birds] Pheasants and Pilgrims

John Weeks aerie.john at cox.net
Wed Dec 2 14:31:56 EST 2015

I'd like to add one more anecdote before Roy says "Enough already with the TV bird stories!"

One of my favorite childhood shows was "Combat", which starred Vic Morrow (the actor who suffered a terrible death years later in a freak accident on a movie set).  I was then too young and untraveled to know that northern France looked nothing like the coastal hills of southern California where the World War II drama was filmed.  It was only years later, when I moved to Berkeley to begin my graduate studies that I discovered the awful truth.  After having learned the songs and calls of the more common western birds, I happened to turn on the TV and what should I find but a rerun of my old favorite war epic.  As Morrow and his platoon made their way warily through the live oaks towards a suspected Nazi position, I clearly heard the raucous cheer... of a California Quail.  Illusion shattered.

John Weeks 
North Granby 

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