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I personally have never seen nor heard of this before. But Tom Burke (of NY and voice or the NYC Rare Bird Alert) just told me that this RB Gull behavior of feeding on fall crabapples is something that does occur with some regularity.

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> On Dec 5, 2015, at 8:19 PM, greg hanisek via CTBirds <ctbirds at lists.ctbirding.org> wrote:
> I actually saw this more than a decade ago at Southbury Training School,  where several crabapple trees were growing near the pond. Ring-billed Gulls were eating the fruits not be landing in the tree but by plucking the fruits while in flight. I did a brief note on it which I believe was published in American Birds.
> Greg Hanisek 
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> On 11/18 while driving thru Veteran's Park, Norwalk, I thought I saw a gull fly out of a tree, I thought that's odd, a gull perched in a tree, but what do I know?Soon I realized that other gulls, mostly Ring-bills were attempting to land in some variety of crab apple tree, most could not land, but a lucky few just sort off plopped onto the trees branches and started plucking at the fruit. they had a very difficult time doing this and dropped many apples to the ground, where other gulls were massed, waiting for the fallen fruit. They were still feeding on that tree the last time I was there, just a few days ago.I had my camera and took a few shot's that you can see here in Flicker.
> https://www.flickr.com/photos/120139598@N08/albums/72157661993957206
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>> As I've noted previously, and I'm sure many have seen in the 
>> field, this has been an extraordinary season for wild fruits of 
>> various kinds. Birds were gorging on cherries in late summer 
>> (when I heard a couple Rose-breasted Grosbeak calls I'd never 
>> noted before). Now there are copious amounts of apples, pears, 
>> crabapples, winterberry etc. I was at Black Rock State Park in 
>> Watertown this morning, where a few planted trees in the 
>> swimming area parking lot where loaded with small copper-colored 
>> fruits (maybe some kind of flowering crab). The trees were 
>> loaded with robins, waxwings and starlings. At one point a 
>> Pileated Woodpecker flew and, balancing itself on rather small 
>> branches, gobbled these little fruits.
>> Needless to say, reports elsewhere of Townsend's Solitaires and 
>> Bohemian Waxwings make careful scrutiny of these place and bird 
>> aggregations highly worthwhile. If we get any Pine Grosbeaks 
>> later in the winter, these roadside apple trees will bear watching.
>> If you really like to be prepared for every eventuality, check 
>> out what a Fieldfare and a Eurasian Redwing look like.
>> Greg HanisekWaterbury
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