[CT Birds] Solitaire - the only game in town?

julian hough jrhough1 at snet.net
Mon Dec 7 16:04:34 EST 2015

Congrats to Stefan on a great find!

Townsend's Solitaire's are generally "apparent" and I think playback of this species would not really be necessary. I wouldn't think of playing a call of a Northern Shrike for example if I was looking for one.
Obviously a species that is more skulking and likely to respond to playback (or impersonating a screech owl) so that people may see it might warrant such approach, as is possibly flushing the bird under controlled conditions, whereby people are able to see it without consistent harassment of large groups of people throughout the day. It all depends on the specific circumstance.

As in photography, what you might do on your own is different than what you might do in a crowd of people. I am not sure how stressed out one bird may be, even a vagrant, but common sense should prevail at a "twitch" where many people may be gathered. 

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