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Beverly Propen bpropen at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 19:55:24 EST 2015

​12/9  Milford, Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center,  9:30am-12:15pm.
overcast, 45F,
high tide receding. Hunter on the marsh & LIS.
Of interest this morning was an increasing flock of "House Finches" and
House sparrows.
At about 11:35am, 22 House finches flew in and congregated on  a tree near
the feeders. In the next few minutes that flock increased to at least 50
birds, and the House sparrow flock also increased to about 40 birds.
Within that mixed flock, I saw a Finch with strong brown and white facial
pattern, heavily streaked breast, which looked like   a Purple Finch,
however instead of the deep red wash of a Purple Finch, this finch had
bright orange coloration where the red wash would be;  also  a House finch
with pale yellow, orange coloration on its throat and above its bill.  A
female House finch with a dark brown belly.
The flock was moving between all the feeders, ground and trees.  The flock
(including the House sparrows) flew north at
Other birds on the grounds were 2 Mockingbirds, 27 Starlings, 2 Carolina
Wrens, 16 Mourning doves, 1 Downy Woodpecker, 2 Cardinals, 1 Song sparrow.
On the marsh were 5 Mute swans (far out) and Ring billed & herring gulls
came in to feed as the tide was receding.
Bev Propen, Orange

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