[CT Birds] Tundra Swan Notes

Dan Rottino rottino at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 13 17:31:56 EST 2015

I know other birders are out looking for the Tundra Swan that Hank Golet thankfully found for us, but not many saw it today so here is my two cents worth as I had several inquiries.  Most of the 40+ Mute Swan flock seems to be down in the Salmon River area overnight and early morning, then up towards or at Haddam Meadows SP afterwards.  On Saturday morning before 8am it was found between the Salmon river boat launch and above the Blue Oar restaurant but below Haddam Meadows exactly where Hank had originally reported it as I recall.  Shortly after that the swans swam upriver and stayed until the afternoon by the sandbar.  By 4:15pm they were largely gone with most of the remaining birds swimming down the CT river, and many Swans being seen at the Salmon River boat launch at that time so it was probably among them.  Today it was not seen early morning at Haddam Meadows but apparently seen at noontime.  At around 2pm I found many Swans in the Salmon River at Cove Rd (off Johnsonville Rd in East Haddam, east side of the river) where it was seen again by several others after I reported it until at least 3:30.  Cove Rd is a dead end (please respect private property) and the swans there can drift in and out of sight around the bend.  Unfortunately there are not many other viewing locations in that particular spot, but if you see swans you might stake it out for a little while especially if the Tundra is not at Haddam Meadows SP or the Salmon River Boat Launch.  So basically I think they go back and forth between those locations for the moment.

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Dan Rottino
East Haddam, CT

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