[CT Birds] Cave Swallows continued

James Purcell jpurcell1616 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 16:53:16 EST 2015

The Cave Swallows were still here in Fairfield, constantly flying around
until 4:30 pm (I've never seen them stay in one place for so long!), making
constant rounds of the lawns, flying incredibly low and close.

Unfortunately, at 4:30, right when the birds were probably preparing to
roost on one of the houses, a Peregrine Falcon came out of nowhere from
behind one of the houses and started chasing one of the swallows. They got
higher and higher and thankfully the swallow outmaneuvered the falcon. The
swallow continued to fly higher and then I lost it in the air while the
falcon flew back down towards where the second swallow had been flying
lower around the houses. It disappeared behind a few houses so I don't know
what happened for sure, but I saw the falcon again a few minutes later
soaring very high down the beach, which makes me think (or hope) that it
was unsuccessful in catching the other swallow.

I did not see the swallows after that incident, but if either of them are
still alive, they probably roosted very close by, so anyone who might be
looking for them should check the reef or areas west of it first thing
tomorrow morning.

James Purcell

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