[CT Birds] a familiar note from the marsh

Brian Williams brianw15th2v at att.net
Sat Dec 19 06:24:43 EST 2015

Just sharing this insight for no reason at all, the past month I visited the shoreline and welcomed many calls of sparrows and other birds hidden from view in the marsh where I particularly discerned a familiar call resembling that of the rusty blackbird. From recent experience I know precisely which ones were responsible for this near mimic.  Surely the calls came at much lower decibels than the rusty blackbirds closer to home this year who will shriek away like any other blackbird.  It's a real attention getter.
During the rest of that afternoon I was entertaining the likelihood that rustys pass through this area which hosts flocks of red-wingeds although I haven't confirmed them as using this location.  Rounding off my trip I cleared a patch of beach trash and made my way back, when I heard an even softer sound nearly identical to what I'd heard in the marsh.  In the trash I carried two pieces of softer styrofoam would rub in time with my pace.  Not a new discovery there only one I shouldn't so easily dismiss either.
Brian Williams   Griswold

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