[CT Birds] New Haven CBC Area L Highlights - Western Tanager Details

John Oshlick john.oshlic at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 19:47:03 EST 2015

Today I birded the New Haven Harbor are w/ Dan Barvir for the New Haven

The 2 Black Scoters continued in NH Harbor.
There was a second cycle Lesser Black-backed Gull in the Quinnipiac river.
The bird was basically under the Q bridge and could be seen from Criscuolo
Park in New Haven.

The Western Tanager was found at Peat Meadow Park in New Haven. It is a
beautiful winter adult male (complete with red in the face). I saw a bird
fly into a brushy area. I swore that the bird I saw was a Baltimore Oriole.
A minute later a bird flew over our heads. It was the Western Tanager. Dan
later found a female baltimore oriole so I guess I wasn't wrong!

If you go to Peat Meadow Park you can park along Milton Street. If you look
NW you will see a white house that is along Burwell St (this house can be
seen over a large area of low brush). In the back yard is an apple tree.
The bird was seen in that apple tree. To the SW you can look toward the
corner of Peat Meadow Rd and Oakley St. On this corner there are multiple
fruit trees. The bird was also seen in those fruit trees. The bird was
flying back and forth between these two areas. I suspect that the bird has
been here for a while and likely will be here for a while longer. Several
other birders were able to find the bird after we left.

John Oshlick

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