[CT Birds] Tips on viewing the Western Tanager

Peter DeGennaro degennap at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 22:00:10 EST 2015

For those looking for the Western Tanager this week, the bird has been
feeding from apples in a backyard of a house on Burwell Street in New
Haven. When I arrived, there was a group looking at the bird at a distance
from Milton Street (where it's easiest to park). But I eventually found
that a grass patch off Burwell Street right next to the apple tree gave
close views. This patch is still within Peat Meadow Park. Here's a record
shot of the bird, but I know others got some nice shots:

Later, it flew to Oakley St before flying further east. There are crabapple
trees along Oakley. Interestingly, another Western Tanager that was found
this week in PA was also feeding on apples.

Peter DeGennaro

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