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Let's try this again (resending non-HTML)...

Peepers in Chester and Killingworth, too! One of our green frogs enjoyed
the sun by our water garden this morning, and we saw a mourning cloak
butterfly while walking the trails at Parmelee Farm as well.
:-)  Tammy Eustis, Chester

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 I heard a Spring Peeper calling from a vernal pool in my Pepperell, MA
yard today!
 Mike Resch
 Pepperell, MA
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 Subject: [CT Birds] Off-topic: spring peepers (?!), Cheshire
 From Mark Scott: 12/25/15 -- Farmington Canal Trail, Cheshire (between
Higgins and Cornwall roads) -- off-topic: intermittent vocalizations
very like those of spring peepers. Frequently ride the trail; have not
heard anything suggestive of this species since last spring. There is
documentation of winter vocalizing by peepers during warm winter spells:
.On-topic: in the same area as above, and also south of the Lock 12
Museum, the mixed-species flock of vultures (turkey and black, up to
thirty individuals) continues to draw the attention of passersby. Over
the last two months, black vultures have occasionally been observed
standing or walking along the edge of the paved thoroughfare; keeping
one's distance is
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