[CT Birds] Saugatuck Sweep Highlights

Preston Lust prestonlust at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 1 10:37:06 EST 2016

Today on 1/1/16 I did a 'Saugatuck Sweep' from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM – I walked from my home to Grace Salmon Park, and then up the Saugatuck River to Gorham Island, and back to my home. The following are the highlights of that walk:

7:00 AM -- Backyard, Westport 

5 BROWN-HEADED COWBIRDS made their way over the house on the way out. Not much else.

7:21-45 AM -- Winslow Park, Westport

2 HERMIT THRUSHES in the thickets bordering the central field.

8:00-48 AM -- Grace Salmon Park, Westport

2 GREATER YELLOWLEGS on the mudflats next to the commuter lot. They then worked their way to the flats surrounding the actual park, vocalizing occasionally.

8:55-9:09 AM -- Westport Public Library River Walk, Westport

1 BLACK VULTURE flew over with a turkey vulture. There were some regular ducks and a couple fish crows.

9:12-19 AM -- Saugatuck River by Parker Harding Plaza, Westport


9:21-39 AM -- Gorham Island, Westport

2 GREATER YELLOWLEGS – I presume these were the same individuals as those in Grace Salmon that flew upriver. The BEKI flew in from downriver as well.

9:44 AM -- Myrtle Avenue, Westport

I was surprised to see 1 RUBY-CROWNED KINGLET fly in front of my face as I made my way back home, as well as 1 PEREGRINE FALCON soar over the intersection of Myrtle and Evergreen.

Preston Lust, Westport

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